Monday, August 27, 2012

A month ago today...

Well it's been a month since we found out Cashys tumor is back for the third time.
Surprisingly he's at least maintaining, two weeks ago he couldn't stop throwing up no matter what and what amount we put in him (thank god for the gtube), so he's pretty consistently thrown up once a day (every morning) for the past week, the week before no throwing up. He's receiving his nutrition through his gtube on a soy based formula instead of milk based. We run it all night and it totals about 14 hours a day and were up to 75ml/an hour. He's not wanting to eat anything which breaks my heart, id love for him to just scream at me for a cheese Sammy right now like he used to. :(
I've noticed his eyes are starting to move weird when he's awake, especially the right one. Which is from the tumor obviously. He's also on alot of oil right now which can also cause weird eye movements.
Yesterday after him asking and asking to get in the van and go get a "buzz" (buzzlight year) we loaded up baby sis and all and went to target and he got a toy story toy, some princess (yes princess, I tried to offer him cars, he insisted on the glittery princess one, lol) color wonder coloring books, and a small Rex toy story figurine. He was happy as can be and left and went to mikes parents house where we had some dinner for Julie's birthday. Happy birthday Julie! Although cash refused I get out of the car, it was a nice short visit.
My mom came and watched the kids today while I went to a cycling class at the Y. I love that class, it's fun and I get sweaty and do around 15-16 miles each class. It's a good workout. I encourage anyone to try.
So I came home and baby was crying cause she was hungry, my mom was flustered and then got all upset about how Cashy is just lying in bed and wanting to sleep. Give or take his dozens of yelling demands which we all come running to his beckon call, which I gladly do, because I would do anything for this sweet boy. The sleeping Is because of both the tumor and the oil. This is how he was when he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2010. It's upsetting and heartbreaking I know, i want nothing more than for him to bounce up and start playing and riding his trike again, id give my right arm for that right now. but really sleep is the best thing for him now. (yes mom I know your reading this, and I love you) you can't heal if you don't sleep.
So my aunt Diane and my cousins kila collin and casey (the boys are 7 year old twins and colty and them got along right away) came up visit us today,while they were in town from anaconda. I haven't seen them since uncle Danny's funeral when colty was 2. It was good to catch up. diane is also a 2 year breast cancer survivor and she's doing great and I'm so happy for her! She looked great too!

Our friends Amanda and nick, Sara and Ben put on a bake sale last weekend for Cashy at the farmers market and they raised $1000 for us. So very kind and thoughtful, thank you guys do much and thank you everyone who donated to the bake sale. Thank you all. Also thank you Lacee Putra for your fabulous donation as well, michelle steele for your rallying the troops for us as well, and theres so many more people i could on for days, we love you all and couldn't do it without you and your support.

So we just keep takin life day to day at this point and continue on with the plan and hope and pray for ANOTHER miracle for our sweet boy Cashy. He's such a little angel on earth, we must keep him alive. We must. It's not acceptable for anything less.


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  2. I comment about Epsilon on the other blog. Please read below for that comment on talking about Epsilon and Dave Mapes.

    ---comment on other blog entrie ---
    Dave Mapes? In Sacramento? Mike Hyde was supposed to go meet Dave and has been for the last couple weeks. Now, I just got word from Dave that Mike's transmission went out on the way and he had to head straight home. Epsilon has medicine specifically made for Cashy and it's perishable. We need to get it to Cash ASAP. I was the one that was able to set you up with Dave Mapes? Please let me know if you know who I am talking about. Dave Mapes (Epsilon) was introduced to Mike by John and Corin from Dave has made medicine for Cash. If none of this is ringing the bell then we need to talk. Please let me know, this can be Cash's only hope and Dave has a good track record.

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  4. I had found out about your son via google last week after searching out "2 year old brain cancer" because my cousin's son is battling brain cancer and it just happens his name is also Cash which blew me away. The old articles looked like things were going so well, I'm so sorry to hear that it has come back yet again. Wishing you and your family lots of positive vibes and the hopes that new approach will kick it for good!