Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radiation complete and on our way home!

Cashy finished his 30th radiation treatment on Monday and the fam was loaded up (car is loaded to the brim) and we headed out right after treatment recovery was over. Cashy was feeling good from the lingering flu bug we all had. Poor guy lost a lot of weight getting this bug. Our job is to now bulk him up over the next 5 weeks.
We drove for over 12 hours yesterday and arrived in salt lake around 1130 pm. We were greeted by grandma and grandpa Jim and uncle sam and aunt Jen. They are all so caring and wonderful, were lucky to have them in our lives and here in salt lake as support and a open door (and yummy food) and to hear some good stories!
Today Cashy went to the outpatient lab to have his labs checked before we remove hid picc line, in case he needed blood or platelets. Luckily his counts were all good and within range of not needing a transfusion. And hes no longer immunocompramised. So we will pull out picc line tomorrow.
Cashy was finally feeling better today and ate some food and played a little. He crashed earlier and took a really long long.
Grandma catherine made a delicious lasagna and i tell you what I've never seen a lasagna plate go empty as fast as I did tonight, there were so many people we all scarfed it down standing up. So good! Cashy woke up about 1030 and ate his portion, he loved it, then back to bed he went.
So our next trek is to make it back to missoula in one piece, I think I've gotten like 10 texts to watch the roads tomorrow cause the storm is rolling in. Somehow during all our trips, we've always made it just fine, blizzards and all. One winter before Cashy got sick, we did tip the blazer in a ditch on our way home to Missoula in the winter, not a full tip, just sideways a little packed in the snow, luckily there were some guys with big trucks and chains and they pulled us out, that was scary, everyone was fine and car wasn't scratched. Haha.
We will return to salt lake city in 5 weeks for follow up scans, spinal tap, sedated hearing test. Keep clear scans in god thoughts for Cashy as these tumors often tend to shrink 4-6 weeks after the treatments are over.
There's so many emotions going through my head right now it's hard to sleep. It's almost like this is another new beginning to lives and I'm nervous for Cashy and his future and the thoughts of what really happens when you run out of options, which the reality is it happens to alot of families battling this horrific disease.
Cashy will not be another statistic though, I know that for a fact. He is meant for big things in this world. He's already done so many positive things in his life for so many people, be it teaching a parent to hold their babies closer and not waste life worrying about the small petty things, be it teaching Mike and I to be better more patient parents, be it showing the world that there is safer more therapeutic natural medications out there and the fact that these treatments needs researched, well Cashy will get that done. Hes done so much for everyone. He's the most powerful three year old cancer fighter out there!! Love you my sweet baby!

So everyone pray for safe travels and a nice drive home! Missoula, can't wait to be home!!


  1. Let me start by saying, i tried really hard not 2 text u 2day, but oh well-i had 2 do it:). Safe Trip-and thanks 4 sharing the tipping story!

    But what i really wanna tell u that watching u and Mike from Ohio, has been more than inspirational. Had i fought 4 my grandmother even 10% the way u fight 4 Cash, she would be with me now. But i wouldn't be a leader in this fight, and maybe wouldn't care about what it is we do. When Mike was here with us in Oct he made me believe again in what we fight 4, and i wanted 2 get on the plane with him and come 2 Montana. He made me believe i could have saved my granny!

    Because of that Kalli, because of what u have done-i will die telling people they can save their loved ones. Millions will save their own babies trying 2 be like the 2 of u. Saving their fathers/mothers/sis and brothers/friends/strangers and so on...Christ, Kalli ya'll have changed life and the world as we know it. That lil Boy of Steel is here 2 heal the world, im sorry 4 the curse his gift is.

    People believe we have been so close 2 saving lives, but there is just that 1 missing element-i believe the missing link is Cashy. Thank u 4 bringing us him-thank u 4 being his mother. And Mike, thank u 4 being my friend! Again Safe Trip, love 2 Colty, Cashy, and baby Hyde. One Love~Believe!

  2. AMEN- Thank God you are all safe and heading home! AMEN again!

  3. Oh thank you Cashy for being the warrior that you are! If you can do it- so can I! I try very hard never to be envious of someone else`s situation. Mike & Kallie- I am so very proud of you for steppping up to the plate to fight this with your son. That`s just how it has to be, but some people just don`t get that. I wish my parents could be as supportive and as proactive as you seem to be. I have lots of caring friends, but my parents & ex husband seem to be missing the boat, and it is heartbreaking. I want to try working with cannibis oil , as nothing else is working. However I feel utterly alone in that subject matter. Stay strong- you are wonderful parents, and Cashy & Colten are son very blessed to have you! Travel safe- you will be bazck here before you know it!

  4. OMG - Catherine Made Lasagna!! So jealous. ;-)

    You all have a safe trip. Hugs all around.


  5. Sending all my love and lighte to Cashy and his family right now!!! May your trip go smoothly!!!

  6. Mike, where do you buy Cannabis oil for Cashy? My daughter has brain cancer and her doctors are sening her home for hospice care. We plan to give her Cannabis oil. Thank you

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