Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 26 of radiation!!! 3 more to go!!!

So Cashy has been doing great! It's so reassuring to see that he is doing so well during these last few treatments. He's been playing like crazy and eating alright as well.
His head is completely peeling from the radiation but from what I've heard from the nurses he looks better than any other patient they've had. One nurse asked us what we were doing differently, mike told them it was a secret and they would know soon! Lol.

Yesterday we talked with radiation
Oncologist and told her that Cashy wAs a medical cannabis patient, she responded by saying she new he was on it before but didn't know he was still....why would we quit giving it to him? Silly doctor!!
Tomorrow morning LA news station is coming to do a piece on cash and his treatment here at Loma Linda, were excited to also be giving away some reggae runners and wagons to the oncology unit and recovery room as well. We will post the clip when it's up!!
We are all very excited to be wrapping up this part of our cancer fighting journey, although he's not cancer free yet, we know and believe deep down that Cashy was given cancer for a reason and that reason is to spread awareness and to find a safer alternative treatment and to help encourage research into cannabis therapeutics so they can use this as a valid option over nasty chemotherapy and radiation. Cashy is meant to do big things in this world and his battle against cancer will be a thing of the past, soon!
Three more proton treatments to the tumor and we will be packed and ready to hit the trail Monday morning after his last treatment! Please pray that things continue to go smoothly for cashy and nothing gets in the way of us departing on Monday. Thanks for everyones continued support!! Love to you all!!!


  1. I am from Billings aNd just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am that young Cashy is doing so well! He is an amazing little man with an amazing family.
    Also thanks for fighting for and educating people on medical cannabis. Both of my parents died from cancer. At that time I guess I never thought about Cannibis for them but I wish I had! I think it would have really eased their suffering. I am also an MS patient and had a card when it was legal in MT. I am so angry that it became illegal again! Keep up the fight. Thank you and I hope you and Cashy get to come home soon!

  2. I'm sure you are all so excited to get home. What a very long journey you have been on. I was able to attend the auction you had at the Iron Horse last year and purchased some very cool stuff. Even cooler than that though, I got to meet Mr. Cash himself. What a cutie he is! Prayers for successful treatments and a safe trip home. Sending lots of love from Missoula.

  3. Awesome, may grace and love bless you all.

    Stay up, stay stong and holla if you need anything at all.

    One love

    CJ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Will be texting my safe trip prayers Monday. Still need the info on that ugly head nurse, and hospital director.

  5. Lots of prayers are coming from NC for you all. It warms my heart to read about Cash and all that you have done. Cash is a amazing little boy. I'm so excited about the medical cannabis that you are able to use. Anything that can make him feel better is just wonderful. My daughter Mattie, we lost her to a brain tumor PNET she was 3 1/2, their stories were very similar. I could not get her to eat anything hardly, I hope one day cannabis will be available for anyone that needs it. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless you and your family.

  6. Go CASHY BABY go! I have missed your updates the last few days, as I am not feeling so well is (that is my short & sweet version!) I am so proud of your parents for taking such good care of you in all that they do. It is not an easy thing and very sadly- all families are not able to come together and do such. I hope your parents will let Hope and I come visit you when you get settled in back at home. Big (((hugs))) from home!