Thursday, January 5, 2012

23 of radiation done!

Cashy has just finished his 23rd radiation treatment, 4th proton boost to his tumor. 7 more to go and we are heading home!! His oncologist in salt lake doesn't want to do follow up scan until 4-6 weeks after last treatment, so scans, spinal tap, and sedated hearing tests will be scheduled at end of February.
We are thrilled will how well Cashy is doing as yesterday he played ALL day long, on the slide, the jungle gym and drove around in all sorts of little tykes cars. He was so full of energy and life and it was amazing to watch him, he was playing again like his did this last summer. It truly fills my heart with joy to see him so happy and smiley even though he's being put through hell every day. He's my hero, I wish I could be as strong as him!
We had a great weekend as we went to Disney Toy story 3 on ice. The boys loved it even though we were in the nosebleed section, lol. Then Monday we caught a movie---adventures of tin tin.
Now were just trying to consume our days with entertainment for the boys but there's not much to do around here. Maybe a family bowling night is in store.
I love my family with all my heart and we've all been going through hell, please continue to keep Cashy in your prayers and thoughts that he can breeze through these next 7 treatments without any complications, but also keep all of us in your prayers as well, for our marriage as we are struggling emotionally during this most crappy situation, and for our boy Colten as he is struggling as well.
The other night I was watching him writing in his notebook, and it said friends list, and he a list of his buddies wrote down, it was so cute and it broke my heart that he's not in Missoula playing and being a normal 7 year old, he's been consumed by cancer and it's evil ways of tearing families apart and away from their norm.
I couldn't ask for a better bunch of boys in my life. I love you guys.
Were all excited to meet this new addition in a few short months. (wow, can't even believe it either, such a surprise and blessing for our family.)
Thanks everyone for continued support! We couldn't do it without all your love and care. :)


  1. Kalli- Keep your spirit up! We are ALL praying for you and yours during this most terrible time. I have faith that things will begin to look up and that your emotions will soon balance out! The pregnancy itself is taking a toll on your mind, body and soul- not t o mention what the whole cancer deal is doing. You are VERY strong, brave, compassionate and smart- I have all the faith in the world that things will get better soon! God Bless- Faith, hope & Love!

  2. You are my hero kalli as your courage is unbelievable..again thank you for coming into micheles life and mine too....

  3. Hyde family - God bless you five. No family should have to go through this nightmare, esp. more than once. Use that amazing optimism, positive energy and hope you possess to keep moving forward. Don't let this monster "c" word take away anything else from your family. There is so much to be thankful for and abundant blessings in store. Lean on your faith to keep you strong. Even after the darkest nights, the sun will still rise. Much love my friends.

  4. Praying for Cash and his healing. Praying for your marriage that it will be strengthened beyond what you can imagine. Praying for your son that he grows good character through this awful time and that your family will be stronger then ever. Praying for a healthy baby and good delivery for your little one to come. May the Lord bless this family beyond measure!!