Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 29 of radiation complete!! One more to go!!

Yay, Cashy just finished his 29th treatment of proton radiation. He was a little upset this am because he had a blow out in his pants and refused to let me change him, but I did and it just pissed him the eff off.
We've all (except colten, I'm sure he's next) battled some kind of flu bug this week and weve been throwing up and just feeling crappy.
Cashys counts are low again but not to where he needs any transfusions. White count is 1.1, so he is immunocompramised again but has been the last month or so.
We had our interview yesterday with LA 7 news yesterday, that went really, I get a little nervous on camera but Mike he is an amazing speaker and never fumbles his words. I'm proud of you babe! We then went to the hospital and delivered 3 reggae runners to the oncology unit and the recovery unit where cash is recovered everyday. It's a good feeling to be Able to put smiles on kids faces even during their hardest times. The unit directors were very excited to see how cool our reggae runners were!
We all checked out of the McDonald house, mainly because it's rough sleeping there and we all got the flu and that's a rule you have to check out. So were enjoying two queen beds!! Yay! Colten and daddy went swimming last night and burned off some of coltens amped up energy. An that kid is full of it.
Well cheers to the weekend and a successful last treatment on Monday am bright and early at 7:15! Thanks for all your awesome support and love for our family and our Cashy boy!
Homeward bound on Monday!! Can't wait!!


  1. Ha! Kalli said "homeward bound", thats all i've been typing since day 26! 3 days 2 go, ya'll are the baddest MFin family ever made!

  2. Hang in there kiddo.
    Thinking of y'all, sending love and prayers.

    If y'all need anything don't hesitate to call.

    One Love