Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home and loving it!

Wow! We've been home two weeks already! Sorry I've been slacking on the Updates! Where has the time gone. We arrived through the blustery snowfall by the grace of god during the eye of the storm two wednesdays ago. We saw a semi tipped over and one about took us off the road trying to pass us. Thank god mike is a awesome driver in the snow because I was a nervous wreck!! He brought us all home safely.
It's so nice to be home and back into some what of a routine. Colten started school back up last Monday as Thursday and Friday were snow days!! Colty was loving all the snow! Coming from 80 Degree weather to treacherous snow and ice. It was quite the change! But we adapted well!
Cashy was really really skinny when we got home from all the radiation and the flu bug we all suffered from, it really put him down hard. Poor boy. But now that he's feeling better he has been eating like crazy and literally every hour. We can already tell he's put on a little weight so I know he will get stronger really fast. He's been playing and going and going like crazy! He rarely takes a nap if at all. Another thing we've noticed with him is his talking has really improved and we were really excited about that.
So far we haven't notice to many side effects from the radiation, besides your obvious ones such as hair loss, weight loss, and the small radiation burns (which was more like a bad sunburn) he had Which are completely healed now. We noticed from the conventional radiation his stomach which also got radiation due to it passing through all of his organs when they radiated his spine, that his whole stomach lining was fried and that's why he wasnt able to digest food very well. But in less than two weeks we were able to shed that lining of dead cells that the radiation burned with the cannabis oil he has been on. It literally rebuilt the lining of his stomach and shed the old sick lining and you could literally see it in his bowel movements (yes, I know a little graphic). Now he is doing great and eating very well. For the first week we were home he was getting tube feedings through his gtube (which is such a god send) at nights that way he was getting some extra much needed calories. No more tube feedings as he is eating and eating so well now.
Mike, colty, and I and mikes good buddy casey and his daughter skye all went skiing the last two Saturday's. We went to discovery and to lost trail. What a blast, we were waiting for this snow all year!! The kids did awesome!
Cashy stayed at home with grandma Julie the first weekend and grandma Vickie last weekend. Thank god for the grandmas! It's nice to get a break once in awhile!!
So other than taking it easy and trying to fatten Cashy back up, we really aren't doing much at all. Just enjoying being home and spending time with family and friends.
We will all be heading back to salt lake city on feb 21st for Cashys check ups and follow up MRI's. His mri will be on feb 22nd. So needless to say we are all very nervous but optimistic that Cashys tumor is completely gone and our second battle with cancer is nearing the end. Please keep our Cashy In yours prayers and thoughts as we get ready to do probably the most important brain scans we've done yet. Can you say scanxiety!
Were just hoping and wishing and praying that this can be all over once again. It's just not fair that he has to endure so much during his little life. I want nothing more than for him to grow old with my friends children and his brother and for him to meet his new little baby brother or sister that will be here in less than 3 months. He will be the best big brother ever.
Love you all and thank you for continuing to be so supportive during all of this. We couldn't ask for better family, friends and perfect strangers. We love you all and god bless your kind hearts.


  1. Sounds like a blast! God bless.

    One Love

  2. Sounds like you all are doing exactly what you should be doing and that is enjoying each other and lovin every minute of it, I am so glad he doing so good and yes we all keep him in our thoughts everyday!!! You are such a strong mommy keep it up bless all of you even the new little one!

  3. Feb 22nd...such a long wait! I hate when they are so far apart, just makes you more anxious! I'm praying daily for Cashy and the rest of you. I truly do hope you get good news with the scan.

  4. Sending our prayers to you and your family!! Cashy and your family are such an inspiration. I HATE cancer and that your sweet boy has to go through this. We pray for him every day and can't wait to hear he is cancer free!!