Monday, May 14, 2012

Long overdue update on Cashy :)

Holy cow, I really dropped the ball on blogging, sorry folks, has it really been 4 months??? Wow. Life has certainly been interesting that's for sure.
So we returned home from California At the end of January, we were unsure of the status of Cashys tumor at the time, we were nervous but had faith and believed it would be gone. His oncologist in Salt Lake city didn't want to do MRI scan for 4-6 weeks after completion of radiation. They said the tumor can still shrink during these weeks after the treatment. So we returned home and enjoyed every minute of it. You really learn to appreciate even the smallest of things when going through something like this. Our main focus was fattening up Cashy And enjoying being home.
We waited 4 weeks and returned to Salt Lake city where Cashy had a spinal tap, labs drawn, and brain and spine MRI. Of course we had to wait overnight for the results but the crazy thing was after his scan the anesthesia doc asked me why Cashy was having a scan done at this time because the radiologist (the doctor who reads the scans) was wondering..I was thinking to myself but didn't say anything not wanting to jinx anything, that the tumor must be gone if theyre asking why he's getting a scan done. So when the scan was over I went to the reception desk to pick up a copy of all his latest scans because we were doing that LA 7 news article and they wanted some pictures of the brain scan itself. I got the disk and noticed on it, it had that days scan on as well. Well that meant that it had already been read, but we always have to wait to next am for the oncologist to call us with results. The wait really is the most awful feeling ever, knowing the scans over and results have been read and everyone knows but you as the parents don't know yet. Ugh, it's agonizing. Well we got home to grandmas in salt lake and put the disc in the computer and I really figured it wasn't going to work because usually you need a special program to look at the scans but it loaded up and as I looked at February 22nds scan and it had the radiologists report. So I'm reading through all the big medical terms, kind of understanding most of it because of reading all the other past reports and over analyzing them, I think being a nurse makes this situation a whole lot worse and I'm constantly over analyzing everything. Every little odd thing, I'm constantly looking at his eyes and making sure their not droopy or if his pupils are dilated or constricted, or if he takes a nap that means he's tired and why is he tired? constantly fearing that the tumor is going to make an appearance again. A cancer parents worst fear. So reading through the report, to me it sounded like the tumor was gone, I took a picture of it and sent it to all my nurse friends and of course my mom, they read it and agreed it sounded good, but without talking to the oncologist I didn't want to get our hopes up and tell we waited till am and doctor called about 930. She said that the tumor was gone and to consider him in remission once again. It was literally the greatest feeling ever to know that Cashy has been given a second/third/fourth (whatever you want to call it) chance at life. We were flying high that day, can you say adrenaline rush! Mike did a live radio interview with Aaron Traylor that day, you could hear the excitement in his voice, he's such a great public speaker, he really can Just talk and talk and never miss a beat. I really love that About him.
We returned home again after an epic "cancer free Cashy" party at the badda bing (miles uncles hang out and car lot in SLC).
The girls from the college put on a fundraiser for the foundation called "Cashys cupids" fundraiser for valentines day and they raised around $1,800 for the foundation. It was really kind and generous of them to take their time and help out the foundation. Thanks again for that, we truly appreciate the support. ;)
Cashy had an eye doctor appointment to follow up and to see if the radiation had left Cash with cataracts, which we were told he would most definitely have them because they were beaming his optic nerves. The ophthalmologist told me that he was slightly nearsighted but most toddlers are and that he didn't have any cataracts and to follow up in six months. Sweet, we were stoaked!!
At first Cashy was still really tired and wore out easily, he was not the greatest eater and was slow to start putting on weight. I called his endocrinologist and they had me stress Dose him with his daily steroid every 8 hours for 3 days. Wow this really kicked him back into gear, he was eating like crazy (steroids do that) and he had alot more energy. Since then he has really been able to put on some weight and is actually getting "thick" believe it or not. He still about the size of a two year old but he's slowly growing taller as well.
I went back to work the beginning of march, my job has been wonderful with me and has been very flexible with letting me have the time I needed off to take care of Cashy. So very greatful.
March 30th we threw the "cancer Fears Cashy" party at the Elbow room bar and grill. We had a small raffle for some neat prizes and a 50/50 raffle. It was a great turnout and we raised $1,500 dollars for the foundation from selling bracelets, stickers, tattoos, and some shirts. It was a great time And we thank everyone who came out and helped support the foundation that night. Thank you all again!
April 9th, we were blessed with the another baby, this time a Girl!! We didn't find out the sex of the baby so we were very excited to have a girl. She is Just a delight, and the cutest little thing ever! She was a month early and my water broke at ten oclock that morning and 7 hours later she was born! It was the easiest delivery out of all 3 kids, even considering I didn't get an epidural, not even an iv was placed, not saying it wasn't the MOST painful experience ever, I'm glad I did it though, it was a humbling experience. She was 6lbs even, 19 inches and we named her Catherine Joy after mikes grandma Catherine. She was very excited and honored that we named her after her. Catherine is so sweet and the best little baby, she can be cranky sometimes though, and she'a terrible sleeper at night, ugh. She wants to be held at all times! She has the bluest eyes ever! Which is weird because neither mike or I have blue eyes and both boys have brown. Shes getting chunky already too!
So ill pretty much sum it up as life has been crazy busy with three kids!! With Cashy still being the most demanding child. He's very bossy, he tells me what to do all the time!! He's special I guess! He pretty much gets whatever he wants, I'm not gonna lie.
Colten and Cashy are great big brothers and big helpers too. I couldn't ask for a better crew of kids.
Cashy has been doing great, he has started talking so much lately, he will pretty much repeat anything you say, he will continue with speech therapy for the summer. He hasn't been very good about wearing his hearing aids, and we could be better at trying to get him to wear them, but with the last treatment and everything he quit wearing them and we haven't pushed the issue yet. Cashys enrolled in preschool for the fall. He will most likely go half days, three days a week or so. He's very excited!
So right now were on our way to Salt Lake city for Cashys next set of three month scans. He's doing so great it's hard to even think of the possibility that his cancer could be back. So once again were living life in three month increments with a new baby in tow.
Cashys spinal tap is tomorrow am, and his brain and spine scan and hearing test are Wednesday. So everyone please, please keep Cashy in your prayers and thoughts. I hate the fact thy he has to get ivs and pokes, it's not fair for kids to have to live like this. But as long as he's here, we will do everything and anything and whatever it takes to keep him heathy and happy.
One Love-
I promise to keep updating more often!!


  1. Thanks for the update Kalli. I love getting to know your family! I am so blessed to know Cashy's story- THANK YOU for that!

  2. So glad to hear the update Kalli! You were my labor nurse when I had my daughter Caroline (April 2010). I have been following Cashy's story after my hubby recognized you on TV. I feel connected to you since you were so very helpful during one of the most important days of my life! I am so happy Cashy is doing better. Catherine is beautiful- congratulations! You can count on our support always! I would love to see you again some day :) Take care of yourselves :)

  3. What a beautiful family! Glad to hear all is ok! I will continue to pray for all of you!

  4. What a great feeling to read up on Cashy's progress!! He has strenghth & a loving family to see through this! My heart has been with joy following this story & feeling almost part of the family. Catching myself have that overjoyed smile that warms your whole body when reading that Cash will be in school in the fall! I am so excited for him!I have him in my thoughts & prayers hoping Cash to have a long happy life!

  5. I just love each and every one of you so much! Thanks for the I read, I could see where our lives touched, and am so grateful to be blessed with those moments in the lives of your family.

    Keep up the amazing work! I'll keep marching my lil part of the Cashy Militia, and we'll win this fight!

    Thank you so much for having so much compassion for so many families outside of yours too. Each and every one of you are true examples of humanity and compassion at it finest.


  6. That is all fantastic news! Such an amazing little guy, he's been thru so much and he's still scaring the @#%* outta cancer! You show em Cashy! Congratulations on the new little one, Catherine Joy - she'll be a Joy for sure.:-D

  7. This is such great news, I have been following Cashy's story since last November. My daughter had this same type of tumor supertentorial PNET and the treatment was horrific, I don't know of another child that has survived this type of tumor. At first I didn't believe that this is true, because I know how bad this tumor is. I really hope that bacause of Cashy they will have a clinical trial with this oil. Thank you guys for sharing your story. Congratulations on Catherine, she is beautiful.......

  8. I just found you through a MM loop I've since lost track of- congrats on your new addition! My boys are now 10 & 8, my daughter is 5 & I just had another little boy in December. You know it's busy, lol! Anyhow- I saw you were just in Northern Ca, which is my neighborhood! I (and SO many in this area) FULLY support you. I'd love to do a post on my blog sometime about you guys! :)


  9. Hi Cashy
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site.
    I care about you, I believe in you, I am your friend, You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I will always support you, and be one of your many fans.
    Here is a poem I have made for all of my CB friends who are fighting a battle.
    Have won Their battle, and are now angels, and those that have fought their battles won it and survived it.
    My Brave Hero:
    My Brave Hero is someone who is fighting a battle.
    My Brave Hero is strong,
    Even when things go wrong,
    My Brave Hero is someone who fights like a champ,
    My Brave Hero Never Gives Up Never Gives in
    My Brave Hero fights with a smile and a grin,
    My brave hero Fights till they win,
    My Brave Hero has a lot of courage,
    My brave Hero is not afraid to shed a tear
    Even when they have a fear,
    My Brave Hero lives life to the fullest,
    My brave Hero is my friend
    My Brave Hero fights until the end
    My Brave Hero fights till there is no more pain
    My Brave Hero fights untill their free,
    My Brave Hero fights untill they are in a safe place,
    My brave Hero fights untill they have won their race,
    It's true
    My Brave Hero is You!
    Who invented fire? Some bright spark