Monday, December 19, 2011

Cancer Fears Smile

Along Cashy's Journey we have found that you can fight cancer with smile's and even if the smile's only last a minute it is a minute that cancer isn't winning!


  1. Who has the best smile in this family? U can't help but cheer when u see these pics. Go Team Cashy!

  2. These pictures made my day!! Keep smiling and keep believing Hyde family. Love and prayers from the Grensten Family.

  3. What a beautiful family.
    I just came across your site from an article posted on pediatric braintumor group. My 15 month old son Kai, also has a brain tumor (inoperable, hypothalamic optic glioma)
    Cashy and your family will be in our thoughts.
    We have been trying a few 'integrative therapies' to help Kai deal with chemo and would love to talk to you about you experiences too.
    you can find out more about kai at
    Also please email me if you ever have time/want to chat kerrilee617@hotmail dot com.
    SO glad Cash was able to go home yesterday! again our thoughts are with you.
    The rezendes family