Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cashy's up and moving.

So Cashy seems to be doing great today. He ate pretty good this am, considering he hasn't ate much In a few days. He ate a good amount of peaches and some scrambled eggs and licked some butter off of his toast and drank some milk. Better than nothing.
Then he was ready to play and we went to the play room for a bit and played cars and playdough, then he threw a fit because I messed up his playdough (god forbid) so we left and went on a walk down to see the Christmas trees on the main floor. He really like looking at the set up they had, he couldn't touch anything though so that pissed him off a bit. He's easily ticked off. Then he kept asking for daddy, so we went "looking" around for him (daddy went and took a nap) but we didn't find him, lol. So we went back to the play room. 2 1/2 hours later he was a little pooped and we made our way back to the room just in time to see grandma and grandpa Julie and Jim. He was a little worried i was leaving so he was acting grumpy. They left after 20-30 minutes and he crashed instantly.
Were still waiting on the nurse to come and change his dressing and I am pretty sure that he's late on getting his antibiotics as well. He should have them both done around 10 or so. I asked about it and they told me they would come and do it in 30 minutes, that was an hour ago and now he's asleep. I'm not letting her wake him up either. They either need more nursing staff here or need some time management skills. Ugh. Kinda frustrating that were still here because it's like were just on our own doing our care and if it wasn't for the antibiotics the nurses wouldn't be Doing anything for him. Mike changed his bedding and everything yesterday. He needs a picc line and i could do the antibiotics at the Ronald McDonald house, home health can set you up on antibiotics that are in a ball that slowly release over the designated time needed. Then I Just attach and detach when they're done. I asked the doctor about it this am and he didn't really seem to know what I was talking about. Well see, he's kind of hard to understand, he's middle eastern or something. So as long as his blood culture from last night comes back negative and tonights comes back negative as well, then they should be able to put a picc line in during radiation probably Tuesday, I hope.
On a better note, the Harley davidson crew is doing a huge toy drive for the kids and at some point today we get to go down and Cashy can pick out a toy of his choice, so that'll be some excitement.
Please pray that we can get out of here soon and that Cashy can sail through the rest of his treatments with no more complications so we can be on our way home back to Montana, hopefully for good. Thanks everyone!! Love you all, and Merry Christmas!


  1. Our hearts go out to you Kalli and Mike!! Cash is SO precious and these photos not only bring back horrible memories for us but breaks my heart for Cash!! We pray for him often and every day as well as the whole family! If you need anything at all..pls let us know! Cash is SO strong and such a will all pull through! You just have to go thru hell and back to do it....but remember we are all with you thru this journey and supporting you from the sidelines!! We love you all and will continue to pray!! SO much love and prayers from the Post Falls ID community!! Love you guys!! Jake, Nicole and Sophie Medlock

  2. Happy Holidays. Tis' the season to help make another child's holiday more enjoyable. I help organizations raise money to help children in need with my free services. We thank you for stopping by. Please have a safe and prosperous 2012! It's good to hear Cash is doing better!

  3. Mike, Cashy and family, Rose H just told me about this blog, just wanted to tell you we are pulling for the little guy and all of you in this battle. If there is anything we can do for you, there or here, PLEASE do not hesitate to say so. Contact either me or Rose. Get well soon, Cashy!


  4. He's such a cutie! Hope and prayin for the lil cutie everyday!

  5. Oh this sounded like a good day over all! I am so happy for you. You guys so need a break. It is amazing the strength that we have when we least expect it and need it the most.