Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surgery went well and our boy of Steel is feeling much better.

So after speaking with surgical residents yesterday they weren't sure if they could "fit" Cashy into the schedule yesterday, his port a cath site was super red, edematous and extremely sore. Mike did his manly job and demanded they fit him in right away as we've seen what septic shock can do. Good job daddy.
After surgery the doctor came out and told us the instant they cut open his port site all this puss came oozing out. Poor little man. He came back to recovery feeling good and he went back up to his room a little later.
The night was rough but he finally got to sleep after all the neighbors commotion around 1130 to be woken up for vital signs at midnight. Ugh.
We did some tube feedings last night and he threw up a little bit twice. He didn't have a fever all night or all day today. The only bummer now is he doesn't have a line besides the iv in his hand now and for us to be able to give him his antibiotics out of the hospital he needs to have a picc line or another port placed. Hopefully we can get a picc line placed and get out of here in the next couple of days.

They came and changed Cashys dressing this am while daddy was here, I had go take a nap, I was so tired! Ou can see from the previous post that there is quite a hole in his chest, it gets packed and changed daily...kinda glad I missed that!!

Cashy has done really good today, up playing with grandma Julie in the playroom and went for a stroll in the stroller as well. He kept saying "mommy, night night" so we came back to his room and he threw a fit, he did not want to come back to this room at all. I think he wanted to go back to the Ronald. I don't blame him.
So mike picked Cashy up after his little fit and we walked around the unit while daddy held him in his arms, after five minutes he was ready to go back to the room and lay down. He's so sweet. So now he's crashed out and snoozing hard. Hopefully it lasts, the minute he fell asleep the neighbor got visitors, looks like her brothers and sisters. So the lights are on bright, but their being pretty quiet.
ThAnks for everyones continued prayers and support. The reality of these cancer treatments are just brutal and unfair to all these children. Bless their hearts.