Thursday, December 29, 2011

MRI and 19th radiation treatment.

They just put Cashy under, only and hour and 15 minutes later then expected....geez, they told us to come at 630am and they didnt get him back there till 830. Ugh, I hate waiting, especially when your waiting with a thirsty cranky tired boy.
So they will do the MRI then transfer him to proton where they will do his 19th treatment. This MRI is a critical one because were hoping and praying that this tumor has shrunk and is responding to treatment. Please oh, please god!!! I'm so nervous, I hate scan days. I always am such s nervous wreck. Ahhh.
So were not sure if we will hear results today or not, I'm hoping so! So we will let you all know as soon as we hear.
Fuck you cancer! Cancer fears Cashy!


  1. Thinking of you all! Prayers and positive thoughts Cashy you are a true hero in all of our eyes!!! Hugs and love to you all

  2. Oh Cashy I will be praying for you all day today! Much love little man!

  3. o i hope its good news you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers love you guys <3

  4. Gotta go, I see you have the results posted behind this. I am so nervous for you!