Friday, December 23, 2011

Last treatment for the week until tuesday!

Cashy has been doing really well, considering everything that he's got going on. His large hole in his chest, his iv in his foot, and the ever so lovely antibiotic diarrhea. The back of his neck is getting red as well, it must be from the radiation burning his skin a little. Yesterday and today he's new rubbif his left eye like crazy and they are watering as well, either he's catching a cold, or it's the tumor, or they're is something in his eye. the docs said they're not radiating the optic nerves right now so it shouldn't be that. Freaks me out. All of this freaks me out.
So he's in treatment right now, day 16! Yay over halfway done now. Seems like we've been here forever. He wAs acting a little nervous this morning but he was spoiled with three presents from the radiology techs. So sweet.
Still no vomiting! So excited about that! He is seriously the worst gagger/vomiter ever, and not even a gag or anything. That's huge. We all went to see the chipmunk- chipwrecked movie last night! Cashy absolutely loved it, he wAs dancing to the music and had a good time. He's so darn cute. He kept saying throughout the movie, "that's funny." lol he is the funny one.
It's really quite amusing to watch the looks of sorrow and saddness on peoples faces when you walk by with cash in your arms or when he's just cruising himself. We didn't get the looks when he had hair, now that he's bald, it's like "this kid has cancer"--no questions about it. It's to bad. Alls you can do is walk proud!
I also want to to thank everyone who' helped with the Santa smiles fundraiser, the maryjane fundraiser, and everyone who helped sell sentsy bears! Thank you all for being so kind and generous during this holiday season. Thank you everyone who helped plan and put t together for us to be able to get out of the Ronald McDonald house this weekend and stay in a hotel! Were all very excited for some real sleep and just spending time together. I know things can be tight during these times, but everyone has been more than generous and it touches our hearts deeply. So thank you all so very much. We really couldn't do this without all your love and support. :)
Cashys out of treatment and sleeping off his sedation in the recovery room. What a long week! This boy has more holes and poke attempts then a pin cushion, literally. It's amazing how strong he is, he is my little hero. I love him so much.
The boys are excited for Christmas, Colten reassured us that Santa can find us wherever we are at, so not to worry. Lol.
Merry Christmas to everyone!! We love you all. Keep up the prayers and positive thoughts for Cashy, were over halfway done!!!


  1. Oh sweet boy, yay for a break for all of you! I hope you have a tree whereever you stay. I have a tree at the foot of my bed. I had to make sure that I had a tree this year for fear that I might not get another Christmas. My family can't get it together enough to spend Christmas together, so I am on my own with my dog Hope. We will keep you in our thoughts this weekend, and we will come by and check in on you over Christmas. Know that you are loved by many, and I wish Cashy and his family a peaceful and painless(as possible) Christmas. And here is to 2012 being a much better year for both of us. Shrink cancer, shrink cancer, shrink! I look forward to a much more positive post for both of us at Christmas 2012. Big (((hugs))) from Missoula!

  2. I'm so happy that Cashy ... and all of you ... get a break for a few days. He surely sounds amazing ... what a champion!!!! Enjoy your stay at the hotel ... and Merry Christmas to all the Hydes!

    Barb Estinson