Wednesday, December 14, 2011

His fever spiked, dang it.

So around 2oclock today Cashy's fever spiked and I called the pediatric oncologist and they decided to admit him due to his low white count and his port a cath being red and sore and of course the fever. So we had to wait a few hours until they had an available bed for him.
We got here around 5 and his temp was now 102.6 and they started him on some antibiotics and drew labs and did blood cultures. His labs cAme back better than yesterday's and his white count is now 2.5 so that's better than 1. His platelets are down to 78 but it's still a safe range.
We've never had to share a room on the oncology floor before so this will be a new experience, hopefully we don't (have to stay in here to long.
So were hoping that he can still resume treatment tomorrow despite being inpatient, I'd hate to deley treatment.
Well thanks everyone for the continued prayers and positive thoughts.


  1. Love you guys! Keep kicking butt Cashy! So many people pulling for you and your amazing family!

  2. i would be there if i could you know that!!!! hope you can feel us all there sending love and strength cashman ! love you to the moon and back!

  3. Poor baby.....I hope they can still do his treatment and he gets to feeling better soon :(

  4. Love you baby boy... ��������❤

  5. I'm praying for you Cash! Glad to hear he's doing better Kalli, I was thinking about him all day yesterday after we had talked. Hope each day gets better than the last