Thursday, December 15, 2011

Positive for blood infection. :(

So I stayed the night with Cashy and it defiantly brought back all the memories of being in the hospital, except this time were sharing a room. It's hard to get used to the thought of sharing a room, I guess we were spoiled in salt lake with private rooms! It was a rough night of sleep for Cashy and I, as there was a lot of beeping going on from the roomates side.
Cashy had a fever ranging from 101-103.4 last night and this am. They confirmed a positive blood culture this am. Gram positive. We wot know exactly what bacteria it is till later.
He's been really sleepy and his port a cath is really bugging him, he's also very weak. :( hurts my heart to see him like this. Effin cancer.
They held off on his first proton treatment today and will resume tomorrow, after having three docs say yes he needs treatment and two other saying no. So no it was, which is fine because he is a sick boy today.
His temp right now is 102.4, ugh. It really hasn't budged, I was hoping it would break soon as they now have him on vancomyecin, a heavy hitter.
So hopfully that will knock it out and they won't have to remove his port a cath.
It's so hard seeing all these Bald headed children so's heart breaking. It really is.
Cashys hair is starting to fall out again, we will have to get out the clippers, hair on your Binky isn't very nice. Lol.
I tried to give him a bolus of pediasure through his gtube,since he's not eating really at all the last two days. Well that didnt work and he threw up all over and soaked his port dressing. So we needed to change it and the nurse couldn't do it cause she was to busy.
So Mike and the tech helped me change Cashys dressing for his port. The poor guy, we had to hold him down and clean it off and it was really red and swollen and pussy looking where the needle goes in. So we reacessed it and hopefully it won't continue to bug him, it looked really sore. He is such a tough and brave little man. He's my little hero. Makes me just tear up thinking of what he has to go through, it's Just not fair and no baby should ever have to. He should be at home getting excited for Christmas with our tree set up nicely. But he has to worry about getting poked and pradded at, I truly wish I could take his place for him.
Keep him in your thoughts And prayers, and let's hope this infection is gone by morning and his fever stays away. Thanks everyone.


  1. Will keep praying for Cashy and all of you. I pray his infection goes away tomorrow. I will also be praying for a cure. Poor baby going though all of this. Cashy has such a very strong loving family.

  2. Sharing rooms is never fun, we had to do it allllll the time. The beeps at night are the worst. I hope things get better for you guys and that Cashy's infection goes away very soon. Sending so much love your way.

  3. Prayers for Cashy coming in droves! Love you all!!! Hang in there Cashy, and family!!!

  4. Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but little Cashy is more worthy of your love and grace than anyone I've ever know.  I beg you to restore his health and easy his pain through your grace and love.

    I ask these things in Jesus name.


  5. I just stumbled upon this story from a friend on FB posting it. I will keep Cashy in my prayers.

  6. I am reading and following closely...breaks my heart for you and your family that you all are going thru this again......hugs and prayers your way....sarah

  7. My prayers are with you daily. I really hurt for you and what you are going through. God bless.
    Barb Jenkins

  8. You guys are so strong, we are all praying for Cashy, your family and all the other people going through these tough times. We love and support you guys. Happy Holidays. Keep hanging in there.

  9. My port is in good shape! I would so take his meds for him if it would make it any better. I already know that my cancer will probably take me out soon. Please let me trade places for this little boy so he can experience some more life before you take him. Even better yet, please find a cure so both of us can sit together and laugh about this someday!